April 30/May1, Laguna Seca. We have 15 Datsuns that should be coming out to play on the hill at Laguna Seca. Three roadsters, a host of 510s and an IMSA 240Z. In the small bore production class we will have 14 out of 40 cars on grid. The entry fee is free, come on out and have fun. Its an HSR-West and VSCCA event so there will be some nice cars running.

Here is the list:
Ron Carter Datsun 2000
Will Campbell Datsun 2000
Tim Arnett Datsun 510 or Datsun 2000?
Bill Pritchard Datsun 510
Steve Link Datsun 510
Shannon Johnson Datsun 510
Jonathan ??? Datsun 510
Troy Tinsley Datsun 510 Wagon
Ken Matice Datsun 510
Troy Ermish Datsun 510
Wayne McAtee Datsun 510
Craig Carter Datsun 510
Tom Neely Datsun 510
Dan Haney Datsun 510
Bob Clucas Datsun 240Z IMSA

That is an impressive list of drivers, with some very fast cars.