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Thread: HAD some wiring questions, I jumped right into it! Heres how

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    HAD some wiring questions, I jumped right into it! Heres how

    So my last post didnt really get alot of reads or replies. So let me tell my story again. I got a, not to bad, MX63, 1984 Cressida Luxury. I took out the 5m and replaced it with a 7mge that came out of a 1990 supra originally. I got to the wiring and got stuck because it seems through all of these forums on JNC, SM, there isnt that much on these MX63 5m to 7m swaps. I got a few wiring diagrams, ecu pinouts are what helped me out the most. The 7mge engine harness has two plugs that plug into the 7mge ecu. There is a yellow body harness on the Cressida that obviously doesnt fit in the last plug on the 7mge. So heres what I did:

    I took the 5m engine harness and found the two plugs that would have plugged into the 5m ecu. I left some length, about 6-7" and cut the wires. Then I proceeded to break, pry, clip, off the plastic plug around the wires that have the ends that slide onto the pinouts in the ecu.

    After all the wires were out with the ends I electrical taped the metal clips with a pre cut piece of electrical tape, about an inch. I then crimped on buttconnectors to the other ends of these wires then took masking tape and labeled each wire while looking at the 7mge ecu pinout, the last plug on the right when looking at the pinout.

    With the labeled wires in hand I then proceeded to the yellow body plug in the glove compartment. Then with using the 5m ecu pinout, the last plug on the right when looking at the pinout. I proceeded to clip a wire from the yellow plug then buttconnected it to the matching labeled wire I had created.

    Once all of the labels that could be connected was, I then grabbed the 7m pinout again. I plugged in the plugs from the engine harness then went from left to right, sliding in the proper labeled wire to its proper place on the 7m ecu pinout. The Oil and THA wires had to be splied into the next plug over to the left.

    Now here I am with power to my ecu, everything on the body works. Heres the problem that I need help with:

    I dont hear a fuel pump, so i followed the wire to the yellow plug and buttconnected it to the proper pinout. Still no fuel pump sound.

    I go to turn over the ignition and nothing. The starter is connected, but I dont know which wire it is coming through the engine harness, I have a pinout connector for the STA which is the starter switch, but have nothing to connect to it. How can I find this starter switch to see wire color?

    I need help on hooking up the ignition system, coil, igniter, spark plug wires, ect. As well as the EFI. Any help would be great thanks. I will post pics of my hookup and of the ride soon! Gotta find the camera.


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    If you don't have a wiring diagram I'm amazed you got this far. Does the STA not show up in the diagram?

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    The STA does show up on the pinouts but the placement on the plugin ports on the ecu are different. What I have done now is taken the 5m engine harness and studied it to figure out some of my questions of what connects to what with the three clips that were left after wiring up and pluging up the ecu. Matching up sensors, switches, ect. which is hard due to the 7mge having a little more than the 5mge. I still cant believe that people havent done and shared this swap on the net. I will be that one that does tho, once I figure it all out.

    I also took the clutch switch and buttconnected the two green wires so that the 12v current is constant, just so I didnt have to trace down another wire. The main goal is to just get it to turn over.

    I called in the guru crew tonight, UTI Toyota, so hopefully we will get it to run. Thanks for the reply Ben. Glad someone did. I will post pics of this effort soon.


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