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Thread: Nissa Skyline conspiracy

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    Nissa Skyline conspiracy

    Mods if you think there is a better place for this thread please move it.

    i thought this was interesting ... #more-4641 ... tes-1.html

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    hmmm, so the guy never says what car he has, but I can only assume from the pics it's about an R33. If so saying "provided documentation for the one and only vehicle I had imported (legally might I add) under the 25 year rule that essentially makes all motor vehicles, domestic and imported, completely exempt from FMVSS and any and all regulatory standards" is pretty bold. I'm certain that a big Skyline fan would know how old an R33 is and that it's not over 25 years old.

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    see that's why you should only import and drive a hakosuka

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