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Thread: Mitsubishi Sapporo mk1 project

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    Mitsubishi Sapporo mk1 project

    Hi guys
    I see there can be one forum in world - where we can talk about Mitsubishi Sapporo... ( or I dont search good enough )

    It is nice to read about your cars rebuild...

    In Poland Sapporo wasnt wasnt even sell in Poland.
    But Im lucky - and Im starting new project mk1

    it will be 2.0 automatic, and as a base will be 1UKvertion and 3EUROPE verions
    so there is 4 cars...I willwant to build one super car on it

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    I hope that my Silver arrow - will look like this in next year

    do you know how many hp have this engine?

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    scappoose, or
    Glad to see another sapporo guy on the forum.

    That engine you showed is a sohc carbed 4g63. I believe they make about 90hp stock. You can get a turbo version of it from a starion over in the uk, or even bolt in a g54b. I look forward to seeing your progress on the car.

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    So how did you get 4 Sapporos if they weren't sold in your country? :P

    Welcome to JNC!

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    sohc carbed 4g63 90hp --- low- I was thinking that 2 litre on 2 carb. will be faster
    this engine was with turbo sell only?

    how you mean "bolt in a g54b" - 4g54 was engine bigger - i think it was 2.6 litre
    how is possible to make it bigger?
    new cylinders?

    I found this 4 units - and I will make all for oryginal ( except suspension and wheels )
    new interior materials , and painting and all

    Problem is that best car is UK version, and I will have to change cabels, pedals, servo ..from right to left

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    I know they was imported for UK, Germany, France in 1990 years...
    Euroe version have to many bad repairs - and its wasnt good

    all have LPG instalation

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    That engine will have well more than 90hp being that it is a dual carb version. I do not have numbers for it though. It also looks to be converted to LPG. Ahh I see that mentioned later

    Kris, do you have any of the DOHC engines available?

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    I didnt even notice that. Woder what kind of numbers it puts out.

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    I dont have any 16v engine
    just this 3 engines
    2 engines 4g52
    and one from photo

    I also think about buying this mk2 car
    its now in low price- about 500usd ( a lot of spare parts ) and front of car after work

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    Welcome! I too am glad to see another Lambda/Sapporo in the Garage. :tu:

    That's awesome that you have four cars to pick from for parts - I would kill just to have one parts car!

    It's amazing, too, based on what you said about their availability in your part of the world, that you've got four of them to pick from. There were thousands of them over here in the States years ago, and now their numbers have dwindled to very few.

    There are aren't four of these within several hundred miles of me. :cry:

    Good luck with your project. Welcome to the forums.

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