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Thread: G180W workshop manual

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    G180W workshop manual

    Does anyone have a copy of a G180W workshop manual to suit a Gemini?

    I have a G200W workshop manual but it is written in Japanese, if someone would be kind enough to offer translation to English I can send a copy to you.

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    Sorry Poida can't help with the manual, but I was curious as to what's happening with the G series twincam forums?

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    wow, sorry, seems I hadn't spotted this reply.

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    The link to access the G series twincam forums is

    Well the G series twincam forums were kinda on hold for a while there but are all back in order again.

    It's hosted on a free web server and the original host owner I'd used pulled the pin without warning any of his clients (paying or free) and left no message as to what was happening. He wouldn't answer any emails either. That left me no option but to look for an alternative free server.

    I set up using and got things running again but they were having problems and needed to upgrade to a faster and larger server, major dramas came from that. The backup and transfer failed due to an undocumented limitation in the Cpanel software which caused a major hickup. Eventually things were sorted and since then I have experienced no problems at all, no down time, fast access speeds and no lag times. I have to say, I can only commend the owner and his team for all the effort put into overcoming the issues and strongly recommend their service to anyone looking for a free server to host web sites or forums.

    For those who have not yet found the G Series Twincam Forums, come and check it out! The more info we can collect and sharing of parts, all the better for keeping the G series twincam engines alive. Hope to see you there!!

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