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Thread: Mitsubishi Galant Sigma 1976 - water leak problem

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    Mitsubishi Galant Sigma 1976 - water leak problem

    Galant Sigma 1976 here, in Moscow. You can see photos here: (password: asdwafwe3). Please, don’t upload these photos anywhere else. The car wasn’t driven for 23 years. And I’ve got 2 problems: brakes (right forward brake was clutched) and the leak of water. I’ve solved the first problem by disassembling brake, taking out piston, cleaning rust and pumping brakes. The second problem: because of cold weather water inside the engine had frozen and damaged the plug under the carburetor. Now, the engine overheats after 10 minutes of driving, and hot water flows from this plug. I have a new plug, but I don’t know how to disassemble Astron 80 4G52 2 liter engine. I would be very much obliged for any scheme, photo of the engine or any advice.

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    scappoose, or
    while this isnt the g52b it is basically the exact same engine with larger pistons. It is the 2.6l version.

    That will show you how to take it apart. ... engine.pdf

    Hopefully the block did not crack. Dont forget to use some form a gasket on the plug when you drive the new freezeplug in.

    I'm willing to bet the radiator is bad also if it has sat for 25 years. You will want to get the whole cooling sysem flushed.

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    OK. Thank you! I'm going to start disassembling today. I'll post more photos ASAP. Hope, there is no crack in the block and the radiator is safe.

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    I didn’t have much time today, but I managed to take off fuel pump and turn off a few nuts. So here are photos.
    Common view:


    I tried to take a photo of damaged plug, but no luck…

    These are not usual brake blocks. It was almost impossible to buy a foreign car in USSR, and this Sigma is not a numerous exception. Also there were only 3 service centers which served foreign cars. All of them were in Moscow. Spare parts could be bought only for foreign currency. And currency exchange was illegal operation (guilty was sent to prison). When this brake blocks became depreciated previous owner decided to repair them. Old brake lining was cut off then he has found same material, cut new lining and riveted it to a shoe. Unfortunately, pressure was too heavy and new material cracked. After that he somehow bought new Mitsubish brake blocks.



    A lot of pipes:


    Fuel pump hole:


    This was the most inflexible nut (under the pipe):

    Fuel pump:

    After work:

    Now I’m going to take off inlet manifold, clean it, replace the plug and assemble it. Then flush and check all cooling system.

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    Glad to hear that there are no cracks in the engine block. Didn't open the file with the photo of your car, but would like to see some posted up on here when/if you're able to.

    Are you able to get a new freeze plug?

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    I've already ordered the plug, thought, that delivery would take one day, but it takes up to 5 days.

    FireArrow, here they are:
    1. Emblem:

    2. Common view:

    3. Rear view:

    4. The other side:



    7. USSR licence plate:



    10. Interior:

    11. Low milage. Only 59K km:

    12. Radio works fine! All speakers work too:










    22. What does that mean?

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    Excellent! I really like the Galant Sigma.Welcome to JNC :tu:

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    Awesome sigma!
    im fixing one up thats just the same
    but mines 4g52 5 speed

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    Very cool. :tu:

    I love the interior -- hard to believe it's from '76.

    Thanks for posting all of the pics!

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    Thank you!

    Today I disconnected a lot of pipes and turned off 1 nut (it took me 1/2 hour – so inaccessible!). Sorry, I forgot camera at home (and my favourite nut wrench set ), but I took off only petroleum filter – not much interesting. I found out, that the accelerator cable goes to carburetor, and then it continues to transmission. What is it for (I mean the part, which goes to transmission)? Should I calibrate it after disassembling? BTW, I haven’t received the plug yet

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