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Thread: Hello From Portugal

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    Hello From Portugal

    Hi, 8)

    My name is David and I live in Portugal... :shock: :mrgreen:

    I have a few old cars, like:

    Volvo 164
    Volvo 144
    Ford Escort MKI 1300 GT
    Austin Mini
    Alfa Romeu 1300 GT Junior
    Land Rover SIIA 109 Long
    Bmw 2002
    Vespa 150 Sprint (moto)


    MAZDA 1800 (1973)

    The reason why I joined this forum is that I like old cars and I need help for the restaurion of my Mazda... Anyone have change the engine or modificate the same? I'd like to put more power in my Mazda, anyone have ideias???

    I will put some photos of the Mazda...

    David Silva

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    Oh,you could put some pics of those volvo's as well.. :mrgreen:

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    and maybe a picture of the escort also? :wink:

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