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Thread: Mazda 2cyl motor

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    Mazda 2cyl motor

    Ive been told I have a Mazda 2 cyl motor out of a 3wheel truck. I would like to swap photos with someone to confirm this. Regards, Barry

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    PM fellow JNC'er baltsiotis I believe he has 1 or 2 of them.

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    There were several mazda 2 cyl. vehicles three and four wheelers. Pics of most of the them can be found at ausrotary. Search for "k360" "R360" "T600" or "Carol" and you ll find plenty of pics of the engines. Another interesting site with excellent pics is running by another member of this forum. Search at google for "K360T600 geocities" and you ll meet this excellent japanese site.

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    Barry, I saw the photos sent to B1500boy and I was the one that confirmed that your engine is from a T600. Your pics are the same as the engine in the original sales brochures. Easy to tell by the removeable allow tops on the tappet covers. It actually dates from anywhere from 1959 (if it was out of an original Australian assembled T600) through to as late as 1970.

    Any further questions please PM me. Some of the parts are missing off your engine.

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