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Thread: 1983 Colt Turbo (A15)

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    1983 Colt Turbo (A15)

    Hey guys, long time no see! 8-)

    After 4 years im finally ready to start the overhaul of my little turbo, i wont stop untill its totally perfect all the way through.

    The plan is to keep it clean on the outside, I will paint it with a dark grey colour with white OZ rims or widened original rims.
    I am considering some sort of fender flares, but im not shore yet.

    With the interior, im planning on a full cage, and seats from an evo3 already bought, some gages will be installed neatly in the center console.

    The engine is soon to be rebuilt, waiting on some parts still.
    This will be tuned to a resonable level, without replacing the turbocharger, thats too much work.
    I have a custom methanol injection system, that i will try to get to work with the turbo, so that when the boost goes up, it will inject methanol/water into the carburator.

    I will work hard on getting the cars road handling as good as possible, rather than tuning the engine till it explodes, i want a fun car to drive with an engine that i can depend on.

    I hope that you understand what im trying to say here hehe, its easy to explain it in swedish, but alot harder when i have to translate it with my crappy english skills.

    Anyway, thats pretty much what i have planned for now, i know that more stuff will come up before im done with this, this wont be ready for at least a year.

    Some pictures of how far ive come yet, the car is totally stripped and is being prepped for the paintjob later on.

    The car before stripdown.

    I will keep you updated as the build continues.

    Regards / Jochen

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    Love these little Pacer shape Colt's , alot of fond memories driving these

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    Quote Originally Posted by skunk
    Tjena Jochen!

    Nice car, I am very happy that you want to make a fun driver's car out of this instead of just making 200hp for three weeks and then blowing the engine.

    What's the bolt pattern/offset? I am moving to Sweden this coming winter and have some lovely (very eighties) 13-inch alloys with a 4x114.3 pattern that I probably wont be needing any longer.


    Yeah, i thought so, wont be so much fun with an engine that lasts one or two trackdays before you have to take it apart again hehe .

    Oh, good question, im not sure about the offset, but i know the bolt pattern is 4x114,3!
    Really, that sounds really great, how nice of you to ask!
    Ive been looking for ages for 13" wheels with the right look for this car, do you have any pictures of them?

    //Kind regards - Jochen

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    Those rims look epic!
    You have a pm 8)

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    Looks good. Best of luck with the project

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