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Thread: My old RX-7

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    Here are a few photos of a 1985 Rx7 that I built and had painted a few years ago. The car has now passed through a few hands since I sold it with several people claiming to have built it :x If people check the engineering papers they'll find my name on them. :shock:

    Here are the specs:
    Late model Australian spec 85 Rx7
    Ventilated rear discs
    Custom adjustable Camber/ caster kit
    Low Km Japanese import turbo Rx7 motor running standard ECU with extra boost.
    Late Model FD Rx7 brakes and calipers
    Steel Series 4 Rx7 bonnet scoop
    BMW 3 series metalic black paint
    Coil over adjustable struts and springs.
    Factory JDM Power steering setup that I imported from Japan.
    Tightened factory LSD.
    Late mode 85 - 91 oil cooler.
    Recored and enlarged 85 radiator
    Semi road/race tyres (basically grooved slicks)

    I had a friend paint it who runs his own business in Burwood, Sydney. It was a very clean and quick street car that was built for doing hot laps around the old GP 500cc Eastern Creek Raceway located in Sydney's west. I have some in car race cam somewhere on one of my old computers. I'll post up once I find it. This car could hit well over the 210km/h mark (tested :shock: ) and had the typical tail happy oversteer Rx7 characteristics. Also have some in car footage of a mate loosing the tail around Eastern Creek.

    I wouldnt mind owning another at some point, but my priorities are restoring my Rx3 coupe and a Rx4 coupe that is stashed away. The engine bay pic was taken after I sold it. I was running the factory air flow meter that was located infront of the radiator.

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    that car is awesome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gypsy
    Here are a few photos of a 1985 Rx7 that I built and had painted a few years ago.
    Cool car, but no need to hijack that guy's thread. :wink:

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