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Thread: Wheel ID Help... star shark look alike-ish

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    Wheel ID Help... star shark look alike-ish

    I saw someone post these on another forum asking what they were, I checked the guide on, they're listed unknown. Someone also posted them on page 3 of "The Not-So-Ultimate Classic JDM Wheel Thread" but no one ever identified them...


    anyone happen to know what these are? kind of an equip 03/star shark hybrid. :lol:

    pic from the old thread

    pics from the other forum

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    second picture is RiverSide wheel..

    check this link..

    viewtopic.php?t=3600&postdays=0&postorder=asc&star t=60

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    1st pic is my car :lol:

    unknown brand indeed, no marking whatsoever on the back side

    anyway nice score Megat

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