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Thread: 1970s Dodge Colt Pimp-mobile...

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    1970s Dodge Colt Pimp-mobile...

    Check out the original dealer-added funky padded vinyl roof on the 1977 Dodge Colt I found in a Southern California junkyard...

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    Re: 1970s Dodge Colt Pimp-mobile...

    Believe me, I think I would notice something like this, but I've never seen this in my life.

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    Here in Aus the 4 door sedan came with a full vinyl roof (not 100% if it was a factory option. It was, however, quite popular)
    But I've never seen one on a hardtop, let alone a Landau style roof.

    Seems a complete waste considering they are a pillar-less coupe. When you're cruising with the windows down there's nothing between you and the fresh air 8)
    It's my favourite part of my hardtop.

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