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Thread: Daihatsu Charade G10

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    Daihatsu Charade G10

    Hi, I'm having problems getting my Charade started - it's been garaged for about 3 years.

    I've tried jump starting it (battery flat), and I also replaced the sparkplugs (being careful to use the ones specified). The result was that the engine turned over, but didnt catch.

    There definitely seemed to be a spark, and the air filter seemed pretty clean, so am I right in thinking I probably have a fuel problem? Should I try a new fuel pump? Does anyone know where I can get parts for a '81 Charade?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Did you add anything to the fuel tank before storing it? If not, the fuel is probably goop. You might need to drain the tank, clean it with POR-15, and then change the fuel pump and/or fuel filter.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks - i hadnt even thought about that! The car has been garaged for at least 3 years, so you're almost certainly right.

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