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Thread: New Z31...

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    New Z31...

    ...And it talks!

    So for a bit I've been looking for a car to lob my significant other back and forth to college, supposedly... Which meant I've mostly been shopping as if it was for me, to her disdain :lol: And to me I guess it is. Mainly I was limited to automatic choices though, as she was initially reluctant to learn :? I examined a few Z32s, Celicas and Cressidas of that category, all of which were sort of flaky, a bit harder to come by in general, had some issue when it came time to exchange cash...

    I found a nice 86 Z31 automatic in LA one day, but the seller just wanted too much. Turns out my girlfriend somehow became set on an 86 300ZX on her own, and scouted out this one- the best part being, she fell in love with it enough that she didn't care about it being a stick 8) So, she's the third owner.

    It'd be a turbo/two seater if it were "mine", but my 280z is still quick enough for me when I want that, and it's practical to have a possible-but-not-probable back seat; uncomfortable enough that no one will ever want to borrow your car because you can ferry over two people, but spacious enough that it can be done in a pinch.

    The interior is mediocre, so no pics of that yet... It needs front seat upholstery, has some dash cracks, but everything works Including the talking "passenger door open" and "parking brake on" warnings, and the coolest part of the car...

    ...To be honest, I wouldn't have bought the car if it didn't have a completely working digital dash, including G-meter/MPG guage and digital/og compass :mrgreen:

    It cruises well and corners with remarkably little roll, has really boosty feeling power brakes and steering, and is ten times more futuristic than any modern car... Sort of like an NES that you can drive.

    I know people are disgusted by my penchant for keeping old cars stock, but that's what I do and intend to do, lol. Needs a little cleaning up, but it's been fun to play with while my car's had some... Issues :x I'll plug my 280 a bit more still, though.

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    I love the digital dash! You need to take some HD video of it in action at nighttime. 8)

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    I love it, an NES you can drive! One of the many cars i'd like to own someday.

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    My mom, bought a brand NEW 1987 black 300zx 2+2 w/rear spoiler, back in the day... and there were 3 of us, boys to lug around. The back seat was a lil cramped, but hey, the COOL factor was being driven around in an AWESOME sports car. The other kids ENVIED us... because they got dropped off in boring 4 doors, station wagons and minivans. :lol:

    Come to think of it... My parents only owned 2 door COUPES, from the time, we were born to when we grew up, left the house, and bought our own cars........... A 1971 Dodge Dart Swinger, A 1978 Chevy Malibu, A 1979 Dodge 024, A 1983 Mercury Cougar LS(traded in to buy the Nissan 300zx), and a 1987 Nissan Sentra... after that we had our own cars, then they bought 4 doors. :P

    I always, thought that was COOL about my parents... they went with STYLE, not functionality(like alotta parents, do nowadays... like buying a stupid minivan), when it came to buying a new car. :wink:

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