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Thread: 1986 AW11 Supercharged hardtop

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    1986 AW11 Supercharged hardtop

    Hey guys!
    I'm Simon, from melbourne Australia, just joined up and thought I'd share my AW11

    -Power windows/mirrors
    -Lowered with King Springs, TRD adjustable shocks in front, stock in rear.
    -Cusco rear strut tower brace
    -Twosrus urethane bushings
    -Cannon exhaust (loud!)
    -Pulley changed for more boost
    -Pod filter
    -16" 'Performance" wheels
    -Tinted windows
    -Ebay short shifter, Trust/Greddy knob
    -Panasonic HU, Alpine 4"

    I've wanted an AW11 for as long as I can remember, so was pretty stoked to pick this up for a good price in overall very nice condition.
    It's my daily at the moment while I fix my Celica GT4 up, and will be used for hillclimbs/track days.

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    Sweet looking MR2, man. Love the rims.

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    awsome aw11 man! i will always regret the day i sold mine!

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    Thanks fellas

    I'm totally in love with this car after only a few weeks of owning it, can't see myself selling it!

    Kres: I didn't actually like the wheels at first, wanted something more JDM in 15". They've grown on me a bit though and are actually fairly lightweight.
    They are a bit scratched up and ratty looking in real life, would be nice to get them fixed up and re-painted.

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    you need to throw the suspension setup from the 1988 versions on there the handling is super neutral with an na engine, and the SC is tuned to understeer a lil. id imagine the na setup on an sc would be fun.

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    It's had a swaybar from a later model fitted, as I know the early SC's didn't have one. Feels fairly neutral>oversteery as it is, wouldn't want it any more biased to oversteer I don't think! Also has a cusco rear strut tower brace which means the rear end is very stiff.

    I do need to change over the springs and struts at some stage though, not entirely happy with the current arrangement. Still plenty of fun to drive though!

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    seeing all these mr2s are making me really really wish o could have saved the one my buddy sent to the yard

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    Sweet a-dub. Welcome to JNC! If you do end up getting some nice 15" 80s wheels post some pics. I think that would look bananas!

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    I'm always on the lookout for a nice set of Work or SSR style rims, I'd like something either like a Work Equip or SSR Mesh, I've found so many that I like but they are ALWAYS the wrong PCD! Or there are only a set of 2

    I'm new to JNC but loving it already! Just bought some stickers to go on my car

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    Nice SC, I'd love to get my hands on a hard top manual SC. They're getting harder and harder to find these days.

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