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Thread: 616/818 - Old norwegian Mazda brochures

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    616/818 - Old norwegian Mazda brochures


    A few months ago I had a look in my late grandfathers old magazines and books, and found pretty mint brochures for the 616 and 818. Sadly, none found for the fa3ts (I had two of those in the 90's).
    I scanned them and uploaded them here.
    Now, they are in norwegian, but I thought the pictures might be interesting to someone here.

    Edit: The images can be viewed in this gallery instead of the folders linked below.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skunk
    Very nice, thanks for sharing. I also wouldn't mind seeing the specs pages, please. Also I am happy to see Il Tempo Gigante in your avatar.

    If you click the images you should get to the rest of the scanned pages of the brochures as well, spec pages included ('spesifikasjoner' in norwegian).
    However, that solution was rather dull. It just so happens I put up a small image gallery to test some stuff yesterday, so I uploaded the pictures there. Should be pretty easy to use. You'll find it here.
    I'll update the first post with new links.

    But I am puzzled: would you happen to be (part) Norwegian? If not, how in the world would you recognize ITG from that cropped picture? I do know it's among the most translated movies in the world (at least in its time) but still.
    Also: that happens to be my ugly mug hiding just behind the a-pillar. He told me that he would be happy to let me drive it, but the fuel pump was broken. He was pumping gas with his left hand while driving. Kind of wish he never told me that in the first place.

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    Very nice!

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