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Thread: MX63 7mge swap, have wiring questions! HELP!

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    MX63 7mge swap, have wiring questions! HELP!

    Hey everyone, so I recently just picked up a 1984 Cressy. I did the swap with the 7mge out of a 4th gen cressy. My wiring question is, will I have to change out the body harness or will it all be plug and play with the 7mge ECU and harness.

    My next question is, with the gen of cressida, what suspension can I use off something else to make it ride right, and by right I mean a little lower, not slammed, and about a medium bounce. Any ideas? Thanks!

    Will post pics when its worthy.

    "Cressidas are the four door supra sleeper, sleeping until your doors need to be blown off!"

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    i doubt it will be plug n play.... some wiring in the glove box and near the fuse box in the engine bay will need to be done. look up some wiring digrams... its not as hard as it looks.

    for suspension.... if im not mistaken the springs from a supra of the corresponding year should work.... like the mk2 supras.

    good luck!

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    Thanks for the help! I have the diagrams but none for that conversion. But your right it isnt as hard as it seems. Thanks for the added insurance.

    Ill check into the suspension more, cant hurt to take a couple off a mk2 and see it they work.

    Thanks again

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