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    This is too cool. Props for taking on such a project. There's a pretty complete '79(?) wagon in a SoCal junkyard. Some ppl here are heading down to there this weekend possibly so maybe let them know if you want anything. ... ationship/

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    Pretty cool and let me know if you need anything. I can get the # for a subaru only JY up here that has a 73 in it and has had it for awhile, just no motor in it though. And as for the front rotors you can pull them off that wagon and unbolt the hub from the rotors, that way you have a extra pair. And for the engine, if the original is weak, might look into the 1600 that is in that wagon too....

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    While doing some more blasting this evening, I uncovered someones attempt at a repair right at the seam where the horizontal "shelf" meets the vertical firewall. It is pretty much centered around the plate where the spare tire would sit. The "repair" seems to have been some sort of material similar to fiberglass. Anyhow, I started grinding out the spot welds that hold the tire mount to the shelf to see the extents of the grot. BTW, where in the heck were they expecting that thing to go? Must be 20+ spot weld holding it down!


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    Got the tire plate thingy off and the news is not good. The area underneath the very rear part of the plate is gone. I can see the inside of the car from under the hood! Hoping for some better news, I cut some of the grot out to access the area under the cowl and initially it looked good, until I started poking around. Turns out that part is completely rusted thru also. I guess I will have to pull the dash out and see just how far the rust has gone. If it's not much worse than what I see now, I will probably go ahead and fix it when I get a chance. If it's worse, it may mean the end of the car as a driver. Well, this sure throws a wrench in the plan for a quick turnaround. RUST SUCKS!


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