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Thread: Japan Trip 2005 (pics)

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    Japan Trip 2005 (pics)

    Hello everyone,
    these are pictures i took when i lived in Japan way back in 2005.
    i wasnt too much into the old school cars back then but i got some pics of some pretty sweet rides nonetheless.
    hope you enjoy!
    R32 just sittin in the parking lot. blue/ gold used to be my fav color on a car

    This is C-West's Garage in Nishinomiya.

    Drift spec S15 at C-West

    grip fairlady z at C-West

    Full Carbon Fiber S2000 at C-West

    DRFT RX7 at C-west

    This dealership is called GT Net. they only sell sports cars.

    More GT Net

    One off wide body kit on the NSX. love the rear air splitter. From Garage Trail. don't mind my cheezy pose.

    In late 2004 a bunch of tuner shops got together and had a lap battle to see who had the fastest NSX in Japan. This was the winner. From Garage Trial.

    A month after the competition a driver slammed it sideways into a wall and they were replacing the driver side sheet metal when i saw it.

    the rest are just random cars a saw on the streets.

    And Last but not least...

    I knew this last car was sexy even before i was into NOS.=)

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    Nice pics dude.Like it much.So how was living in Japan?Is it cool?

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    I loved it. i really hope i can get back there to live. i get to go this summer for a little vacation but its not the same. its hard to explain but everyday seemed kinda like a new adventure. the people are so nice and everywhere you looked was something cool to do or see.

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