Ok guys, i am not even sure what i am going to do with my car yet, but i am trying to gain as much knowledge as i can about it. So if i do decide to add over fenders or flare the rear, i would most likely do a all metal 4 door GTR style rear, but i am always looking for other ideas. Does anyone know of any flares for the 4 door besides the victory 50? The victory 50 is a little to much for my taste. Thanks guys. Also has anyone tried a small stock 2 door gtr style on a 4 door? I am guessing it would be hard to fit with the door so close.

Stock GTR

Can you use this style 2 door flare?

Does anyone know what this flare is?

Victory 50 set.

Like i said, im not even sure if i am going to do any flares at all, but just trying to get some more ideas.

Thanks again guys.