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Thread: 2011 WRC moves forward to 1990 Class C specifications

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    2011 WRC moves forward to 1990 Class C specifications

    Some news stories have started showing up with unveilings of the 2011 WRC rally cars. Though they may not have been competitive in the last several years, over here on the wrong side of the planet, the Lancer Evo and Impreza STi are the most prominent rally type cars that come to mind. But with the 2011 rule changes, they don't even qualify for competition. ... A_2011.pdf

    The displacement limit is now 1.6 liters.
    The turbocharger will be fitted with a 33 mm restrictor.
    Computer/electric/electronic/hydraulic/pneumatic controlled or actuated differentials are prohibited.
    Paddle shifters are prohibited.
    2,650 pound minimum weight (not clear if this is with or without driver).

    Car dimensions are shorter. Around 2480 mm wheelbase and around 1590 mm track.

    These should all look somewhat familiar, because they are the stock dimensions and specifications of most of the cars racing Class C around 1990:
    The Lancer Evo I with a souped up version of the standard 1.6 liter engine.
    The Mazda 323 AWD.
    The Mirage Cyborg.
    Or, the reason this caught my eye, the Gemini AWD, with +45mm offset wheels and 3 1/2 inch wide body fenders.

    Just about any of these vehicles would fit right into the new rally formula, but finding a head machined to accept direct injection fuel injectors would go a long way to bring the power level up. And the factory turbo could actually be ported out the additional millimeter to match the 33 mm inlet restrictor size.

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    I was pleasantly surprised when the 2011 rule changes were announced; the first thing I thought was "hooray, my 1600cc turbocharged full-time 4WD hatchback from 1985 is suddenly relevant once again!" :lol:

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    Funny how things repeat themselves. Honestly outside spectating Rally America events I'm pretty clueless about the current rally world. Is Discovery HDTheater covering it this season? Their website's search feature turns up nothing.

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    I wonder what has happened to all the old WRCars. Here in Australia they are no longer allowed. Looks like some National Championship somewhere has just got a whole lot faster this year!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nath76LA
    I wonder what has happened to all the old WRCars.
    The change in engine displacement limit does explain why drivers bailed out of STis for Fiestas a couple years ago. At the time, that looked like the dumbest thing in the world, but now that Subaru does not have a car to run in the race, it makes perfect sense.

    I wonder if the old homologations from the 80's and 90's are valid for S2000 rules. If so, it might be possible to get a car entered without factory support. The manufacturers certainly would not support 20+ year old car entries. Getting certification for spec upgrades (brakes, ecu...) might be an issue.
    But someone could enter a old car from a company not even on the short list (Ford, Citroen...), and they could not do worse than Subaru and Mitsubishi's factory effort for 2011, since they are out of the running.

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