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Thread: NHK's Project X

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    Oh wow, thanks
    Just watched the Mazda one, I love the way they tell the story of the struggle to develop the rotary to a workable level of reliability in terms of the personal determination of the engineers involved, many of whom had lost family in the atomic bombing and saw the new engine as the guarantee of Mazda's, and Hiroshima's, future prosperity.

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    very good documentary, though some of them are untrue, like honda's first car is not the n360, though i must agree being the first passenger car.

    so is the crown, i guess it was not the first toyota car, but i would say, toyota's first engineered passenger car

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    Thanks for the liink! :tu:
    I had heard about 'Project X" but never had an opportunity to see the Prince episode, and now having seen it it has left me quite annoyed and confused.
    It's great that it has been dubbed in English, but have they got the interpretation wrong, or does the original program have a few historical errors in it, or is my understanding of these facts that is in error?? :?
    The Skyline GTs entered in the 1964 Japan GP were never fitted with 3x dcoe18 webers. At that point they were still running the 106hp G7 engine transplanted fron the S41 Gloria using the 2 barrel Niki carby?
    I believed it was after this 1964 GP the production S54 series were offered with the Webers, these being given the name Prince 2000 GT-B as distinct from the earlier single carb version being dubbed the Prince 2000 GT-A.
    If what I believe is true, then so much of the history espoused in that program (which normally I would have NO reason to doubt) is simply wrong!
    I can only think that the NHK people cobbled together a brief history with pertinant facts overlooked to accomodate an "easier" story to present??

    I have a few other gripes with the story but i gotta go now.....err.. can someone give me a hand down off me soapbox please? ops:

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    NHK does pretty good with this. I got the Subaru 360 one.

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    Re: NHK's Project X

    The youtube videos are already been deleted. Can you upload it to filesonic or mediashare? Please.... Onegai... i need all of these.


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    Re: NHK's Project X

    Been meaning to check out the manga version as there's a Fairlady Z story

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