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Thread: stitch vs. seam welds.

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    stitch vs. seam welds.

    So since I decided to drift my corolla, I was wonder which is better for reinforcing all the seams. stitch welds or seam welds through out the whole car.

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    just stitch it.. could find some sweet spots in subframing to solid...I found on a AWD dual range subaru that rips everything.. the longest solid weld was rocker "panel" (I needed to make a frame out of a panel)

    drifting is a quick dump and slide, I'd stitch most of it, solid a little.
    get the back end very good, way beyond oe.

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    Spot welds at 1/2 inch center line offset.
    The spot welder pulls the panels tightly together, stick and wire feed do not.
    The spot weld is 1/4 inch in diameter, in the middle of the flattened mating edge of the panels. Stick and wire feed is on the edge and only as wide as the panel is thick.
    And plug welding with a stick or wire feed welder yields really bad results with gaps between panels and weak seams, especially bad for a unibody car with r compound tires driven at 10/10ths at autocross or track.

    The down side is you have to buy a good spot welder with a timer to get good results, and no one spot welds any more.

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