Hello! I am writing you from Russia. I know English bad. I am writing to you with the Google translator. So sorry if that. Not accidentally found your site because I want to buy an old Honda Accord 1981 year and restore it. True, the technical passport year car - 1988. We have very few of these machines and I do not know where I could buy her a part. But I did not leave thinking about how to restore this car.
This car I like.
Stands for several years under the sun, rain and snow. In Russia, as you probably already know, heavy snowfall. Therefore, this car covered with snow so that people will not notice, like walking on the roof of the car all winter. One day, somehow in the spring, a man was walking along the road already trodden, that is, on the roof of the car and rear window exploded.
To date, the car still is under a pile of snow.
I am writing to you with a request to advise or support me, and maybe vice versa. I do not know what to do. In the automobile mechanics do not have the experience. Special devices for the repair, too. The only thing that I have - it's a garage and friends! I will be glad to hear opinions!

Photos of the car will come later, once the car is unearthed.