Introduction time.

Name is Christopher and currently located in the South East corner or Vermont. Since this is January there is plenty of snow on the ground and nothing but time to dream of the next build.

I have been working on air cooled VWs, yep beetles, buses and type 3s for the last 15+ year. Recently i sold off my 61 beetle and in a parts trade picked up a single owner 1974 Hilux pickup. Always need a little pickup so this is a great addition. The current motor is an 18R-C motor with 71k, also inherited a "core" 18R-C that i plan on rebuilding with some vintage speed parts to get a little extra kick out of this old girl.

Body is pretty straight, few dings and dents but nothing a good body man can't fix. No that is not going to be me. Could use a coat of paint and a new seat cover but otherwise she is pretty well off.

If you are in the North East feel free to drop me an email and stop during the summer for a cup of joe or some good ribs down at the local BBQ.

Now onto the pictures: