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    fuel injection

    Anybody ever fuel injected an N600? :wink:

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    Not that I've ever seen, but it shoudln't be too hard to do with a single throttle body adapted to fit the stock carb manifold. Or if you actually have two intake ports, one throttle body per cylinder, with a custom manifold. That would be pretty sweet! You could drive it with MegaSquirt, and maybe add a little boost to the stock motor!!! You might be able to get 50-60hp out of one of those little guys! Something like an Extrudabody throttle body would probably be the easiest to adapt.

    I know there was a performance kit sold back in the day for these cars. High compression pistons, and a header and I think they were able to bump the car from 36 to 45hp. I guess it would outrun the Minis of the day. Not sure if they were talking the 850(?) minis or the 1275s. The 1275s were quick, so I think it would be a stretch.

    Heard rumor of certain Goldwing pistons fitting in there too, other than that haven't heard or seen much else on modifying those motors.

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    Yea it would be fairly easy with MegaSquirt. Perhaps look for manifolds/throttlebody off a single cyl. fuel injected bike. A duel manifold wouldn't help because of the way the head is constructed. Its a single port that spits into two inside the head. You could put on the "Hawaiian" head which has two separate intake ports, I hear its a great mod for these little engines.

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