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Thread: FS: Vintatge Japaneses Camera Zenza Bronica SQ 6x6

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    just sent this link to my friend Sean at RalliTek cause he enjoys vintage cameras...

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    Does that particular pentaprism viewfinder have a built-in light meter? Some do and some don't...

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    Except for the pricy collectors leica, nikon rangefinders types, it's too bad most film cameras are not worth a whole lot with digital and all. It's a buyers market.

    I'm more addicted to polaroid, instant film, fun factor I guess.

    But I do own some prewar japanese cameras that have gone up in value. Some cheap 17.5mm hit cameras, will still be cheap I presume. compact ones like old nifca's, but also Mikuni, Tokiwa folders from the 1920/30's.

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