I really can't believe that I hadn't introduced myself on this site.

My name is Jason, I am in DFW, Tx, and I am a fan of chrome. The cars I own now, haven't any true bumpers, just plastic covered supports. I think its rather lame, but I can maintain them, now only if I had the cash to do so. I will post pics up as soon as the server they are on comes back up.

Currently, I own 2 87 civic sedan, one of them is being loaned out, the other is destined to be my wifes son's car. I also own a 87 dx civic hatchback, and an 85 awd wagon (DD). I had once owned an 80 prelude, which I traded for the wagon. These are the youngest cars that I choose to own, they still get 40 mpg, and with slight modifying, I can keep up with traffic.