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Thread: 1986 Subaru GL-10 4WD Turbo

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    1986 Subaru GL-10 4WD Turbo

    A friend recently picked up this old Subaru for $600. It's turbocharged from the factory!. I took it for a spin today and it was a quirky, fun ride!

    The car itself was in great shape, check out the "turbo" light on the dash!
    no boost light

    light on

    Here's short clip showing the light in action. Listen for the turbo, it is a surprisingly quick car!

    They added a nice little boost gauge where the dummy buttons were:

    in action:
    Added boost gauge in action:


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    very nice.

    the dash light was interesting, never saw that before.

    it does seem quick, and speedo actually moves with it. (My n/a thumps everything like a short heart attack)

    I do know why they made a turbo option... :wink:

    I learned recently the carb and turbo share cams... the turbo was meant to be gentler into greater power, very smart car.

    a collector edition no doubt, like all of them..but the first gen ea82 turbo has some special traits (similar to the carb engine).

    takes a tear down to decipher.. it really is a special one.

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    Re: 1986 Subaru GL-10 4WD Turbo

    Very nice pick up, my friend had one of these in high school back in Colorado. Fun car.

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    Re: 1986 Subaru GL-10 4WD Turbo

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