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Thread: HELP with ISUZU "lion" logo PLS!

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    HELP with ISUZU "lion" logo PLS!

    Sorry for the fuss, but I urgently need a picture of isuzu "lion" emblem, which was used for 117 coupe, bellett etc.

    I'd be very grateful if you can post it here or send it to

    thanks in advance

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    Re: HELP with ISUZU "lion" logo PLS!

    PM sent.

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    Isuzu "lion" emblem? Sounds like your talking bout the Holden logo...

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    Quote Originally Posted by F3ARED
    Isuzu "lion" emblem? Sounds like your talking bout the Holden logo...
    Isuzu had one too mate
    Hidden Content Originally Posted by datsunfreak
    No Kev, you are eating a duck fetus.

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