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Thread: 1/24th scale model kit wheels?

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    1/24th scale model kit wheels?

    I swear this was asked before in here, but after a half hour of searching, I can't find the thread.

    Where do you guys get vintage japanese looking wheels for your model kits online? HobbyLinkJapan has numerous, even priced well, but they've all been backordered or sold out for ages. Literally, every cool pair of wheels on that site is gone. Ebay came up with one seller in Hong Kong who has a few pairs of wheels, but there has to be someplace else out there to get this stuff. Tyler (Sven7) has been looking for some stuff for one of his kits, and suddenly I've got a fire under my ass to build something as well, so I'm poking around.

    Any thoughts/suggestions? Anyone here have some cool wheel kits they want to sell either of us? :lol:

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    Re: 1/24th scale model kit wheels?

    Quote Originally Posted by Stationwagonguy
    Any thoughts/suggestions? Anyone here have some cool wheel kits they want to sell either of us? :lol:
    Any good hobby shops near you? Or model car events/shows? I get a lot of my wheels at both.

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    I got most of mine from a modeler that said he only builds American cars, the ones I've gotten are mostly from the internet.

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    Whenever I was searching the well known American auction website for full sizes TE37's, all I could find was the Aoshima 1/24 scale sets. It was bad enough I had to search with the exclusion of the word. It would be hard to believe they ran out.

    You could try Tam Tam:
    One of the brokers like Haya Tonka or Danke Danke would probably be happy to order and forward if you knew exactly what you wanted.

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