So, I started tearing into my 87 Impulse. Under the hood, there is a long strip of foam padding. This foam padding is all old and dry and crmbling away. Does anyone know where I could find replacement automotive foam padding like this? It doesn't have to be OEM, but I want to replace this stuff with something.

Another question is on cleaning my rims. My Impulse has the white, special edition rims and I want to keep them.

I've been able to clean them up pretty good, but they do have some serious staining from brake dust and road dirt in the grooves. Two thoughts I had, one would be pressure washing. Another would be to have them blasted and re-powdercoated. I've tried everything on them. I even tried some brake cleaner and carb cleaner to no avail. Any suggestions here?

Another area I want to spiff up is under the hood. There is just a lot of dirt accumulation under there. I know how to clean all the motor parts, but what is the best method to clean off all the dirt and grime from the paint in the engine compartment? Just a lot of soap and elbow grease?

Thanks -Bart