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Thread: Aussie H510 Bluebird 1800 SSS Coupe - SR20DET

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    Aussie H510 Bluebird 1800 SSS Coupe - SR20DET

    1971 Datsun Bluebird 1800 SSS Coupe
    Owner/Builder - Jeff Shoesmith Sydney, Australia

    The story so far......
    The previous owner (Paul sr20det510) privately imported this coupe into Australia from Japan in 2002. It arrived fitted with an S13 SR20DET that had been very roughly installed by it's original owner in Japan. 'Fitting kit' included cut and re-welded steering components and engine crossmember with 1.5mm wall rectangle tube..... These bits were ripped out and sent to scrap. The engine was sold locally prior to me purchasing the car as a rolling shell in Oct 2003.

    The condition of the car was pretty good on arrival. The body had been resprayed in Japan and didn't look too bad (from a distance), but the engine bay featured some fairly daggy 15+ y/o paint requiring stripping/a bit of rust repair/beating and respraying (all done in my home garage). I fitted some locally sourced seats, harnesses and carpet to give the interior a $600 lift.

    The build up to what you see took place between Dec 2004 and March 2007, with engineers cert and rego acquired just 3 working days prior to driving more than 1000km from Sydney to Melbourne for the Phillip Island Nissan/Datsun Sports Nationals at Easter!

    In the time it took me to build the car our family grew from 1 to 3 kids, my wife and I sold and bought a house and I had a fairly major change of jobs.... no wonder it took a while!

    Nissan SR20DET engine from 1997 RPS13 180SX
    Standard internals - only about 10,000km on engine as at July 07 (was from a 180SX written off in 1998!)
    GT2871R BB turbo 52 trim comp, 0.64 turbine, internal wastegate
    Cheap $35 Turbotech ball/spring mech boost control valve (soon to be HKS EVC)
    Direct port NOS Sportsman fogger kit - not yet connected/tuned
    DIY steel bundy tube turbo oil/water lines
    HPC coated low mount UAS stainless turbo manifold
    Factory 1992 S13 ECU with PLMS Developments realtime tuning interface
    Standard S15 480cc injectors (soon to be 550cc Nismo)
    Standard SR20DET fuel pressure regulator
    Z32 VG30DETT air flow meter
    Cheap Chinese behind grille 450x300x76mm FMIC (Hybrid-ish)
    2 x cheap 10" fans from Summernats stand
    DIY intercooler plumbing
    Dual sequential BOV (HKS-ish)
    5L finned alloy sump (Greddy-ish)
    SAAB 9000CD 2.4 turbo radiator
    DIY mandrel bent 3" Exhaust system with Magic CAT, 18" long resonator, muffler

    Fuel System
    Walbro GSS342 255 L/Hr high pressure in-tank EFI pump.
    DIY modified R31 Skyline cradle and swirl pot mounted in 510 tank
    510 fuel level sender still works
    5/16 tinned steel bundy tube send/return lines

    Rebuilt 240K/C210 brake booster with 15% upgraded mechanical advantage
    GT-R 1 inch master cylinder
    Wilwood rear brake proportioning valve (under driver's seat)

    Nissan R33 GTS-T 296 x 30mm vented rotors
    Nissan R33 GTS-T 4 spot calipers
    Datsport 'dogbone' caliper adapters
    Datsport ADR-OK Braided Lines
    HD Bendix Pads
    Z31 'Californian' turbo 5 stud hubs

    Nissan R33 GTS-T 297 x 18mm floating vented rotors
    Nissan R33 GTS-T 2 spot calipers with internal drum type handbrake
    Datsport ADR-OK Braided Lines
    HD Bendix Pads

    Rebuilt S14 5 speed with DIY short shifter
    Exedy 9 puck ceramic cushioned sprung centre clutch
    3" Ford V8 tailshaft with Navara unis
    R33 short nose R200 with Nismo mechanical 4.11 LSD centre
    Custom EN26 hi tensile heat treated CV shafts and S14CV joints

    DIY 'Datsport inspired' 200B/810 front crossmember
    Datsport 200B/810 lower control arms with relocated ball joints (inward 19mm)
    Datsport castor rods
    Datsport adjustable swaybar
    DIY R31 struts with adjustable spring platforms and Cusco camber tops
    Datsport steering arm spacer rings
    King 250lb lowered springs
    Z31 KYB Excel-G inserts
    New Noltec bushes, 200B/810 tie rods/ends, ball joints and draglink (track rod)
    Alignment: Castor +1.6L +1.4R, Camber -2.2L -2.2R, Toe +1 (alignment settings after BJs relocated inwards 19mm/side to accommodate 8" +26 front wheels)

    King lowered springs (rate?)
    KYB Gas-adjust shocks
    DIY reinforced rear crossmember with camber/toe adjustment, shortnose R200 mounting, remanufactured/relocated/re-angled A-arm mounts (no pivot bush distortion at new ride height), modified A-arms with integrated R33 5 stud CV hubs, under-member exhaust path, nolathane bushes throughout.
    Alignment: Camber -1.5L -2.0R, Toe +1 (no more positive camber available with this wheel offset)

    Factory SSS dash (all bits work with SR conversion)
    Nardi Torino wheel
    SAAS Enforcer race buckets
    Klippan 4 point harnesses (won in a raffle....)
    4 point steel roll cage (padded)
    Autometer oil pressure gauge
    Autometer oil temp gauge
    Autometer water temp gauge
    Autometer exhaust temp pyrometer gauge
    Autometer liquid filled boost gauge
    Cheap CD player
    Cheap speakers
    QuikTrak satellite tracking system
    Moulded carpet and 25kg worth of sound deadener

    Wheels & Tyres
    Front - Speed Star Watanabe RS Eight 16x8 +26, Yokohama S-Drive 215/40/16
    Rear - Speed Star Watanabe RS Eight 16x8 +13, Yokohama S-Drive 215/40/16

    1/4 mile WSID 11.58 @ 122.40 MPH 18PSI PLMS NIStune
    Dyno Pulse Menai 219.7rwkw @ 17PSI

    As it looks now (Dec 2010)

    As advertised in Japan before being shipped to Australia

    Engine bay/interior refresh and driveline build

    At the dyno for first time (17 PSI)

    WSID runs 2008 (old drag radial Nitto 555s and 18ish PSI)

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    Glad you finally started up a thread on your car here. :mrgreen:

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    :lol: I hate you :lol:

    We never got the coupe body in the USA.... it is soooooo sweet looking.

    Good Luck and enjoy the car! :mrgreen:

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    We never got 510 coupes here in Australia either! Just 4dr sedans and wagons

    Don't be too upset, at least the US got 2dr sedans 8)

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    'Bout bloody time Jeff!
    A 320 ute, 2 roadsters, 2 1200's ...... & a Prince.

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    I really wished they did your car as a poster after reading it in Zoom

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    sweet looking, especially the sequential turn signals

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