Hey guys,

I didn't have my camera with me today,and my cell phone takes the worst pics ever,but I found a super clean teal colored 77 Datsun B210 for sale a few towns over from me. It is a dead ringer for Mike Kamm's iceracer/hyper miler car on this site. I spoke with the guy who was selling it for his friend,and he said he was form at $5500 which I think is way too high even for a car this clean. The odometer showed only 20k miles,and I tend to believe it as the car looks to be wearing factory paint,and no rust/rot that I could see anywhere which is odd for a New England car. The guy selling it said it is a local car,and has been tucked away in a garage for years. It was still wearing the stock honeycomb looking hubcaps even.

The only ills I saw were speaker holes cut into the rear deck,and door panels,an aftermarket stereo mounted just under the centre stack,but the factory stereo was still present in its stock location, some dash cracks,truck lock missing,some tears in the seats,and maybe some dings here and there,but nothing to write home about.

If you need more info i can get it,and I would be happy to get pics for someone if you want. I live about 30 minutes away,and work in the area quite a bit.