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Thread: All Datsun Driving Weekend, Aug 21-24 '09

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    All Datsun Driving Weekend, Aug 21-24 '09

    WHAT: Arcata 2009 - Up Your Ante! All Datsun Driving Weekend.
    WHEN: August 21 - 24, 2009
    WHERE: Arcata, CA, Trinity Forest, and the Lost Coast
    WHY: Because our cars were made to be driven!

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    Only 2 Weeks Left...

    Get your hooptie ready for the drive of a lifetime. Even the B210 crowd will have a blast (assuming there really is a B210 crowd). There's only two weeks left until the Arcata Datsun weekend. Plenty of hotel space is left in Eureka. All driving information as well as caravan leader info is posted at: ... icle&sid=3

    You definately do not want to miss the scenery and the canyon and coastal routes if you are into putting a few miles on your car with some other Datsun nuts.

    We'll see you there.


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