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Thread: Hello from Austria

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    Hello from Austria

    Hi to you all!

    My name is Chris and I am living in Austria.

    I have read a lot in here already and I have also some JNC magazines at home. Now I have managed to register here!

    I own a few cars, a Toyota Paseo which was my first car, a Toyota Aygo which was my dailydriver until I finished my Celica Supra two month ago, and at least I have an R33 Skyline for drifting.

    The Celica Supra is one of the dreams in my life. When I was 13 I have got one from a junkyard and tried to restore it, but I did not have the money, the tools or the experience to do that, so I had to give it away again.

    For a long time I was just looking at the scene and waiting for the right moment.

    In 2007 I had the chance and bought another one. For this you must know, there are only 9 Celica Supras registered in the whole country at the moment, so it is VERY rare!

    My initial plan was to strip it down and restore it completely, but in almost three years of collecting parts and knowledge I changed my mind to "only" getting it back on the road and use it as my dailydriver. Itīs just more fun to drive a car like that than to have it sitting in the garage!

    As soon as I am allowed I will post pictures of my ride!

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    Welcome on board Christoph

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