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Thread: Pics of my 1970 Colt 1100f SS

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    nice car!, thanks for sharing, never seen one before

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    ... neat little cars, still a few around down here but they are at an age where rust is taking a toll....

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    scappoose, or
    Great vid, glad to see it out on the track. I'd love to pick one up one of these days.

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    Sweet mate, good to see another one that has survived! I've got a 68 1100F 2 door and a 67 1100 Sedan

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    Awesome mate, ive just found myself one today so it looks like im of to canberra on the weekend. Id love to see some pics of yours.
    Cheers Dave[/quote]

    best you do cause Ive got second pick on it

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    i replied to his add within minutes of it appearing boys...........think he is trying to bluff the price up.

    just don't go offering stupid money for can get a running one for around $2000


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