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Thread: mazda VA engine - 1980 e2000

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    mazda VA engine - 1980 e2000

    Hey guys,
    Does anybody know anything about the mazda VA engine?
    Reason - looking for a replacement engine for my 929 (yet to come across a bargain) and found a 1980 e2000. The owner said it was a VA slant engine, and I can't find out anything about it (except it was used in marine applications)
    Will it fit where a VC/MA would?
    Thanks guys!

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    Hey mate,

    The VA was a bit of an in between engine. It was based in commercials only and did slant slightly to fit a two litre engine into the E2000 in the early 1980's. It has been around since the late sixties as the E2000 back then had both the XA and VA engines, but OHV versions. The designation VA engine continued into the 80's as it was still 1985cc in capacity.

    I think from memory though the later VA were built the same as the FE 2.0L and you'll find the inlet and exhaust manifolds are on the opposite side to your VC in the 929 wagon. These also shared to odd narrow gearbox which again won't bolt to the your original box. You can tell as they have two large M14 bolts at the top of the gearbox, where the box in yours runs the M10 bolts all round(14mm heads)

    You're right the VA went into marine applications and also forklifts, Yale being one of them to power their products.

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    thanks for that..

    You learn something new every day...

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