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Thread: Thinking up ideas for my cute 1977 Datsun B210

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    Thinking up ideas for my cute 1977 Datsun B210

    So I have a cute 1977 Datsun B210 Deluxe 4-Door Sedan Model. I am thinking about changing out the current engine (A14) with something more fun to drive...and I am also thinking about repainting the horrid original orange with a red and white racing stripes....who knows...

    Should I stick with the original orange (although ugly it is) for the sake of originality and keep in the original motor?

    Or should I be adventurous and build a beast of a custom B210....

    Would anyone even consider buying such a beast if I build it? The main concern is you don't see many 1977 B210s on the current market, and if you do, they are the coupe models or the Honeybee. They are hard to come by and finding parts for Studebakers is easier then finding parts for a B210. I want to bring my car to its former glory, but I also want to make sure that if I need to sell it, it would go for a decent amount. I'm just not sure if there are many fans for the B210.

    Thoughts and opinions would be MUCH appreciated.

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    Personally I will keep it original or do period-correct mods to it. That way it should hold its value more IMO.

    Anyway have fun with it!
    The original A12 is fun enough to me that the B210 (and me inside!) ended up upside down some 6 feet under :P

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    Build the car how you most enjoy driving it, I wouldn't really worry to much about resale etc. An updated motor may make the car easier and more enjoyable for you to drive, furthermore I don't really see the classic Japanese car market going in a direction where unmodified cars will be bringing much more value than a modified car. As far as the color though, funky colors, I feel, are part of the charm of B210s and old cars as a whole.

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