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Thread: Experiences of Addco sway bar kits?

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    Experiences of Addco sway bar kits?

    I'm thinking of getting rear sway bar kit for my -84 Sentra but it would be nice to know what others have to say of it.
    Addco is the only after market manufacturer I've found to make rear sway bars for my model. The same bar fits both B11 and N12 -83-86.

    Rear sway bar was an option for N12 Turbo in Australia and New Zealand, as were rear disc barakes instead of drums. What about N12 EXA?

    Also if anyone could post pictures of how the original rear sway bar is installed in N12 Turbo would be nice.

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    addco is a decent manufacturer. i had a kit on my 77 civic and my 90 crx Si.

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