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Thread: My TA40

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    My TA40

    Lowered it a bit, bolted on fender mirrors and ae86 front brakes, needs some more low and cosmetic attion but i alredy like it

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    Lookin' good!

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    Re: My TA40

    I am sorry for reviving this thread, but this thread is exactly what I have been searching for, for almost a year now!

    I own a TA40 and soon a engine I wanna swap into it for a little more grunt, and I have a batch of AE86 calipers and a couple of hubs on the way.

    The AE86 brake discs are bolt-on for the TA40 hubs or can AE86 hubs be used on TA40 spindles as well?

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    Re: My TA40

    Get on AE86 stuff won't work, the stub axles are smaller. Your best bet is to source JDM vented Rotors, and these.

    I was thinking of running X6-X7 Cress stuff on mine, struts, rotors and calipers and utilizing T3's RA64 steering knuckles, coilovers, and steering arms, which will increase the wheel track 30MM or so, but I think the issues might be positive caster.

    The AE86 hubs are also the wrong offset. MX63/73 is also the way to go. I have done a ton of research on this. If you already bought the AE86 Stuff, happy hunting for strut tubes!

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