Each year the Alfa Club runs a club regularity event - the Winton 6 Hour. Held at the Winton circuit in rural Victoria.

This year 11 of the Toyota Car Club of Australia (VIC) members participated on October 23 & 24, across four different teams - Magic MX5s, Southern Cross Racing, and then the rest of us were spread across Team Celica and Team Rising Sun.

For those not familiar with the 6 hour format, its a “Regularity Relay” event, with up to 6 drivers in 6 cars working together to complete the 6 hours on the circuit. Rather than racing as such, drivers have to nominate a target time, and then work hard to ensure they consistently do that time each lap they are on the circuit. If you are faster you lose your lap, if you hit your target you are awarded bonus laps, and if you go too slow, no bonuses are awarded. The maths is complex to say the least!

Saturday practice was pretty eventful for the Team Celica guys not least thanks to the morning’s rain, with mechanical troubles striking three of the six cars they planned to run. Fortunately one was repaired in time for Sunday’s event, meaning each of the guys was up for a total of an hour and a half on track per car.

Sunday was sunny and a good day’s running was had by most. Terry Baker in Southern Cross Racing had some issues, and one of the Team Rising Sun cars, a supercharged Mazda Capella also hurt its engine. Andrew Finning in his quick TA22 Celica hammered his beast hard all day and made it to the end... Just!

Southern Cross Racing came in 25th. Team Rising Sun was 33rd. Magic MX5’s were 37th and Team Celica was 38th. There were 41 teams in total.

Here are some photos from the event of our team's cars:

Some of the group...

Team Celica

A few more can be found at


One of our helpers came all the way from WA to help out... actually two of them did come to think of it. Any way here are some phtoos Gene took... includes various JNC and other machinery!

http://picasaweb.google.com/GeneAndJene ... irectlink#