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Thread: Which is your favorite marque, and why?

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    Which is your favorite marque, and why?

    Just like the title says. Please explain why you chose what you did. Winning marque gets, uh, the satisfaction of knowing they're the most loved.

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    There is just something special about a honda, there just so owner/driver friendly.

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    My first car was a Datsun and it was indestructible (perfect for a teenager). That is what hooked me.

    What has kept me is the timeless styling of the 510, 240Z, 1200, etc. That, and the ease with which you can transplant newer suspensions and engines from the Nissan line.

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    I can't choose

    The RX cars, the Celicas and Corollas, the Fairladys and Skylines... how do I choose?!

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    Speaking for 90's era Civics--

    dead-nuts reliable


    good-to-great gas mileage

    awesome suspension

    Engine technology that is directly descended from their F1 program

    Easy to work on

    massive aftermarket support

    The old ones made good-looking race cars as well...

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    I remember at age 12 or 13, seeing and hearing ads for the Datsun Bluebird which I assume must have been the PL410. I actually bought one of the first 240Zs that the local dealer, Pomona Valley Datsun, had on their lot. I was on a waiting list and got bumped up to the top when that car came in but something about it wasn't to the persons liking. I was a red with tan interior 4 speed. I think he (or she) wanted black interior. I gladly took it since the cars were so hard to come by at first. It was VIN HLS3000488. Two years later, the same dealership offered me full value of that car as trade in for a new 72. Not knowing then what I know now, I took it. It was also red but with black interior. Since those days, I've owned other Datsuns, 3 510s, a 311, 3 521s, a 620, an even a 1980 200SX. Not to mention a handful of Nisans including a couple of Sentras, a 84 Pulsar NX, a 1991 NX1600, and also an Infiniti Q45 and a J30. I presently own the three Datsuns in my signature. I know them inside and out and I'm much more familiar with the inner workings of Datsuns that any other marque.

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    I love Toyotas. I love how they're reliable, practical, and easily serviced. I like RWD offerings and their amazing parts interchangeability. Toyotas are like Legos for car builders. Toy designs aren't always the sportiest, but the old ones ooze character. And that's what it's all about. You gotta love your car.

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    I like Daihatsu, because on the surface they appear to have made very few cars of interest to keen drivers, just small commercial vehicles and quirky (but fairly uninteresting) economy cars. What is not so well-known is that they actually spend loads of time trying to get as much power as possible out of sub 1000cc engines, via any means they see fit, leading to ridiculous levels of technology on otherwise fairly basic cars.

    Then they get Daihatsu Racing Services to play around with already mad engines and get 200ps out of 713cc, etc.

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    We don't get the Mira over here, though...

    I'd be very interested in one if we did.


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    Toyota...Oh what a feeling...wasn't that their old slogun? Second would be Mazda for their magical spinning triangle thingies.

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