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Thread: 83 Challenger starter

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    83 Challenger starter

    Recently I have been working on getting the starter out of my '83 Challenger.
    I got the front end safely on ramps. The starter is still pretty hard to get to. It looks like I need to get the whole car up on stands in order to get the starter out. I wonder if Starion/Conquest starters are also a pain to get out. I don't want it to seem like I'm complaining. Old cars are always a challenge, plus that's how you learn to fix 'em!

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    Haha, it's not that hard to get out... just two bolts and two wires. Get yourself an extension and a u-joint for your ratchet, and it makes it much easier to remove those bolts.


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    I can usually get my hands down with a ratcheting wrench on them. THe other easy way is a half inch ratched and some extensions. It's really not that bad once you figure it out.

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    I just finished replacing mine in 30 mins.

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