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Thread: 510 restoration companys?

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    510 restoration companys?

    Hey guys, so I just finished restoring a 240 and now picked up a 71 510 4 door. It is pretty rough, but I think it will be a good project to tackle.
    I am totally new to the 510 world and really could use some direction on companys that have restoration parts (body panels, interior, badges ect.)
    Also any other info sites or tricks, tips ect.
    Thanks in advance.

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    See this:http: //

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    Try datsport as miguel said, or try maddat motorsport. As far as panel go im sure they are no longer available. Grandauto wreckers in adelaide, south australia use to have repro lower rear quater panels. I think datsport may have badges and body rubbers. Best bet for panels is to scour the forums, ebay and wreckers and snap up what ever you can. Other than go see a coach builder and give them your old panels and they will get them better than new :wink: . Good luckand get some pics up. :tu:

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