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Thread: Some old school rotarys

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    Some old school rotarys

    Here are some photos taken in the mid 90s when mazda rotarys ruled the roads. (well in perth western australia anyway). This was a get together of the Rx rotary car club of WA at woodmans point carpark. Not a bad turn out. half the club if i remember.
    Well thats it a trip down memory lane. This was before digital cameras sorry. Hope someone else has some photos to post from the Rx rotary club.
    PS the silver rx4 was mine.

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    Did not see to many of them when I was there in 2004!
    // magnus

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    awesome pics Stu,

    Gotta love the old days of the Mazda rotary world where bridgeports ruled, standard paint colours were cool and mag wheels were all under 14 inches! Ahh the good old days! Thanks for sharing.

    Back then too mate, they would have all been genuine Rx's not converted piston models too!

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    Wow. An RX-3 with a turbo motor would have been the odd one out back then as opposed to now!

    I saw an immaculate poo brown flat front 929 sedan today.

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