Aaron Losey from Fabricated Motorsports is planning on putting together a TEXAS points series for next year.

There isnt a hard schedule yet but it looks like there will most likely be 6-8 comp events spread between Mineral Wells and Houston, with possible stops in Austin and San Antonio.

Anyway, if you would like more info on the series go to http://www.fabricatedmotorsports.com

To be legal for this you only need:
A helmet
A caged car.. doesnt have to be Formula D legal but it needs to be a safe FULL cage.
entry fee cash
the will to drive sideways..

Thats it.. anyone can come out and take a shot at winning big prize money. This year Aaron has already handed out at least 10k in cash prizes at his events with more to come.

So start putting your car together for this RIGHT NOW!!!

Next year will be huge for texas drifting. If enough support is shown to this series it could easily attract big sponsors and more money into the sport in Texas. If you have ever enjoyed watching drifting on tv or sliding your car around you should definitely plan on attending these events.

I will be out there in my 2006 mustang gt sliding around trying to win some cash. I hope to see alot of new faces out there as well