Hey everybody. Been away for awhile. Life gets rough at times. I am glad to be back.........


A bunch of guys here in Tucson have gotten together and decided to leave the Z club we started a few years ago and start and informal group for just Datsun motorcars. All Datsuns are welcome not just Z cars. Our club got older and as a consequence, snootier. So we made contact with the Datsun club from Phx, Desert Datsun and they suggested we do a Tucson Datsun thing. (very cool guys, if you're in Phx, look them up) SO here we are.

Anyone in Southern Arizona is more than welcome to meet up with us soon. We have a home page set up. http://arizonadatsunownersgroup.webs.com/
Please feel free to look around. It's new so it is still a little rough, so please be king.
Our first "official" event is a dual run with Desert Datsun up our local "hill", Mt Lemmon. Check the site calender for more info if you're interested.

This group will be very informal, no dues, no attitudes, NO B.S. We just want to tech up our cars, race our cars, show our cars and generally enjoy them by doing more than just meeting once a month to look at them in the parking lot for an hour. :wink:

Anyway, we are all looking forward to some good times with our Datsun z cars, 510's, 'Goons and PU trucks. Hope to meet some of you Tucson area Datsun freaks soon!