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Thread: My EL31 Tercel; Gp Turbo

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    My EL31 Tercel; Gp Turbo

    Well Ive owned this since i was 9 Yes Nine Years old, My Dad
    use to wheel and deal in cars everyday, and i seen this
    Toyota parked up the drive one day and said to dad whats
    the story about it he said it has a burnt Valve (lol) and that he
    was going to fix it before he was going to Sell it, It sat for a
    month or two then we were moving out of town and my dad
    was going to give the car away, So i asked him if i could have
    it, He said Yes i didn't know any information about the car
    apart from that it was turbo and made a cool sound when you
    took your foot of the accelerator. But recently Ive been doing
    some research about my Car a Toyota Tercel Gp 1987 EL31
    and i have found out that there was only 6000 made, witch
    may seem alot or a little, well anyway after being parked up
    for the last 7 years its umm Developed Cancer I was
    Reading Some where that this car is Made up of Two cars put
    together a Mr2 And a Ae86 Tureno, I think it might be True, I
    believe the combo Goes something like this, Mr2 Size Tureno
    Tail lights, Tureno Headlights, and Maybe The Front Bumper?

    Here are Some photos of the "Beast"

    I have no Idea why this car has rusted out so badly, It hasn't
    been parked by the sea side

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    that must be the weirdest toyota model ever, i donīt even know that such model exists, the japan guys always throwing rare models that are impossible to restore outside japan!

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    looks like an MR2 front end with a mix of Tercel and FX16 rear section....Ive NEVER seen one!!!

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    get to work restoring it

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    Very very cool. It doesn't look like you need any rare parts or anything, just need to learn some rust resto and start doing work. Id rock that thing

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    Quirky little things, I actually have the original sales catalogue for them somewhere. They were brought out primarily to compete with Nissan's Sunny Leprix Turbo and Mazda/Ford's Familia XG-R/Laser TX3 turbo... all had 1500cc SOHC engines and were around the same 115ps power level, with an emphasis on strong low and midrange torque (makes for some FUN acceleration off the line)

    Here's a writeup of the 3E-TE engine's characteristics:

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    I'm so glad they didn't sell them here, because I obvously don't want one, or one of the Nissan March SuperTurbo's at all. No siree. :cry:

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    since that's a '87> we'll move this thread to ot for now :wink:

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    That's a pretty interesting model. Makes me think of what would happen if you mixed a Starlet with a MR2.

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    I've seen a few of these around here in NZ, thought they looked like a bit of a front cut job! :lol: Aren't they badged as Corrola GT's as well?

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