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Thread: New member from Norway

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    Sounds cool! Do you have any pictures?

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    i see you are a great Honda enhousiast. I likt that. ALso i like your country, but that's something else. Due to your searching for info about the N600 etc please contact (maybe you did already) Sven-erik Finnerud in Vikershund Norway. (datsun/PMC club norway) he can tell you more about honda import in Norway in those days.

    I am sure you gat this N600 done properly, would like to see some picutres. I have had 11 N600 over the last 20 years (at the moment i don't have any N600) .Iff you are stucked with N parts and you can't find them please send PM i know a few guys who have parts on stock.

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    2009 I drove through scandinavia with a classis Honda accord (1980 model sedan) with out classis caravan. 8300 km in 3.5 weeks without any problem.

    I have sold this combination and changed it for a bigger combi.see below.

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    Pleae feel free to ask when you have any question.

    have a nice restauration job!


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    nice list of vehicles! i'd love honda to bring over ANY diesel to the states.

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